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An IT Staffing Firm

Costs of a Bad Hire

After six months of training, project delays and having additional staff support the programming errors... you finally decided to cut your losses and accept you made a bad hire. TriCom saves your company thousands by analyzing your project needs and providing solutions well-beyond the resume.

Culture Fit

Finding the right fit is critical in keeping your business moving forward. Over 70% of our client's are repeat partners. Our account managers build long-term relationships with our technology staff, which allows us to compliment your office culture with the best programming team.

Why TriCom?

More than 200 corporate clients and placing over 2,000 technology professionals, TriCom is the trusted resource when you want the right people - with the right skills - right now. We place high-level technology professionals ranging from .Net developers to java programmers to the top companies.


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Free Project Consultations


TriCom offers regular webinars offering our clients guidance around project staffing needs and solutions. You can also schedule a online or in-person meeting with TriCom to discuss your project and find the best fit for staffing augmentation or long-term employment.